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Our story

Here at Cam's Kettle, we are fueled by our love for honest coffee, sourced sustainably, with direct trade, single origin beans from small, independent and family-owned farms in Central America.

Trust, familiarity, and care are essential to a successful direct trade relationship between producer and roaster just as between barista and coffee lover, so understanding the history behind our coffee and knowing the people who cultivate it on a first name basis is essential to our mission.

When you receive our coffee — whether from Cam at any of our 3 farmers markets, or delivered to your front door via our online store — we want it to be more than just another caffeinated beverage. We want to create a relationship. Not just between Cam’s Kettle and yourself, but also with the kind and hardworking people who produce your delicious coffee. So let’s try coffee on a first name basis.