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Coffee on a First Name basis.

Coffee Farmers have a story to Tell. We help them tell it.

 Meet Antonino and Cesar, our coffee partners.



Our Story

Cam’s Kettle was born on a street corner in Arlington, Virginia in early 2018, entering the coffee world as a simply a small coffee stand. This humbling experience gave us the unique opportunity to grow as a company hand in hand alongside our family farm partners. Just as Cam learned each and every customer’s name on the streets of Arlington, today our customers meet the faces and stories behind the people dedicating their lives to produce our distinctly delicious Cam’s Kettle coffee.

Our coffee

Each batch of coffee we roast is carefully harvested, sorted, and processed on site at our Central American coffee farm partners. Along with sourcing high grade Arabica beans, these direct-trade relationships allow us to pay over $1.25 more a pound for our partners’ raw, green coffee that would otherwise be fetched under normal international trade prices. We roast from fruit forward light coffees to chocolately and earthy dark roasts all available at our farmers markets and online store.