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coffee on a first name basis.

Here at Cam's Kettle, we are fueled by our love for honest coffee, sourced sustainably, with organic and fair trade beans from small farming cooperatives in South and Central America.

We are striving to change our society’s relationship with coffee today, one bean at a time. Trust, familiarity, and care are key tenets of making our coffee business thrive. Knowing our coffee distributors, their suppliers and farmers, and our customers (yes, you!) on a first name basis is therefore essential to our mission. 

When you receive our coffee — whether steaming hot in your hands, or delivered to your front door via our online shop — we want it to be more than just another caffeinated beverage. We want to create a relationship. Not just between Cam’s Kettle and yourself, but also with the kind and hardworking souls who produce your delicious coffee. So let’s try it. Lets try coffee on a first name basis. 




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Fair Trade.

We know the importance of where your coffee comes from. We believe in making the supply chain in the coffee business as short as possible, from farm to mug. We are proud to represent a 3 point supply chain with USDA organic and Fair Trade certified raw coffee beans.

Our coffee is grown by local farming cooperatives in countries like Peru, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Colombia, and is then procured by our distributor, La Bodega. The raw coffee is then delivered to us, we roast it, and then it finds its way into your hands, whether in our whole bean bags or in a steaming hot cup at our mobile cafe. 

Guatemalan Roast

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"the best coffee I have had all week."

— everyone 

We really like good coffee.

DC natives Cameron Waggener and Anour Esa are obsessed with coffee. In 2015, Cameron spent some time in Bolivia, working on a coffee farm. This is where he fell in love with those sacred beans we like to call coffee, as well as the land they come from. He embarked on a mission to create the most direct path possible for coffee to travel, from farm to mug. He began to source raw beans from La Bodega, roasting each week in small, precise batches, and serving the delicious result to the coffee crazed masses in Arlington, VA from an electric bicycle cafe. But something was missing from the recipe. An identity. 

One day, Anour was sipping on some of Cam's coffee in his kitchen, when he saw a baby blue kettle in the corner of his eye, and had a eureka moment. Obviously you can guess the rest, and here we are, ready to give you coffee the way it should be.